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$50 Off Window Cleaning
$50 Off Professional Window Cleaning
While there are countless tutorials and tips on cleaning windows, hiring a professional is more effective than do-it- yourself (DIY) window washing. We’ve been cleaning windows for 40 years have thousands of happy customers. Heavenly Sunshine Property Services will get your windows cleaner and clearer. We use professional grade tools to make sure your windows are cleaned without smudges or streaks. Also, hiring the professionals to clean your windows is safer than washing them yourself. Getting to hard-to- reach places on the second floor of your home puts you at risk when you don’t need to. Even if you have the right size ladder, homeowners without experience put themselves at risk of a falling injury. Broken windows is another risk when homeowners don’t have the experience to know the pressure to use when cleaning, especially with older windows.
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Offer Valid: March 29, 2018May 28, 2018
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